What is 3-3-3?

3 Cuisines - 3 styles - 3 options each

In 2011, 3 friends got together and created something unique to the bay area. 3 cuisines under one roof: Mexican, Korean, and Indian fusion was born! We offer 3 different protein choices from each of our cuisines and offer 3 different ways to enjoy them (tacos/burritos/rice bowls). Can you say versatility at your fingertips?

Did we mention that we make our food from SCRATCH? We wanted to make food that not only tastes good, but is good for you! Call us crazy, but we make all our sauces ourselves and they're all vegetable based! You're not going to find any mayonnaise or trans fat oils in our sauces.

Some of our dishes take several days to make and we even make our own kimchi! I think it's safe to say that we put some serious TLC (tender love & care) into our food. Does convenient food have to be unhealthy fast food? Does food truck food need to be unhealthy? We don't think so!! 


We serve all over the bay area. Find a location near you and save it on your calendar! Addresses for private catering events are not listed because, well.. they're private ;). But don't be too salty... you can host your very own private event simply by clicking here

Our diverse menu is sure to please any crowd. Join our ongoing list of happy customers!! Fill out our form and get ready for a memorable made from scratch experience!! 

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